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Esders LIVE
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Esders LIVE

Versatile, User-Friendly Test Data Management

  • No installation of local software required
  • Can be accessed with all internet-capable PC‘s and Android devices
  • All users work with uniform data base (same reports and documents)
  • User-defined formatting of test reports
  • Reports created directly at worksite
  • Test data transmitted electronically, no need for time-consuming, costly transport
  • Automatic updates provided to ensure use of current software version at all times
  • Data storage in Germany by TÜV-certified computer centres

Mode of Operation

Direct data transmission from test instruments to server via Bluetooth or the Esders Bluetooth Module in combination with an Android terminal.

The test data obtained on site is transmitted to the server by means of an Esders Bluetooth Module and Android terminal. The same path is used to retrieve remote data readout and test documentation from the server. Esders LIVE sends a file to the terminal for the specific test report or other documentation desired. The file contains users‘ customization options which are defined by means of free fields and check boxes. The user provides this input by keyboard entries or by scanning in a bar code or QR code.