SAFE – EthanTest

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SAFE – EthanTest

Fully automatic

  • Robust complete system in a service box
  • Fully automatic sampling and analysis
  • Reliable measurement result within five minutes
  • Automatic evaluation by the measurement system
  • Document the measurement with the built-in printer
  • Data memory and infrared interface to transfer all measurement data to the PC

In practise, there will always be locations where gas is emanated, making a gas analysis necessary. It should be guaranteed from the analysis that it concerns the emanation of natural gas and not biogas (fermentation gas or marsh gas). The differentiation occurs by the evidence of ethane (C 2 H 6 ) in gas. Ethane is only in natural gas and therefore is suitable as a clear indicator for evidence. The SAFE EthanTest contains a chromatographic separating column in which the gas sample is broken down and is let out for a delayed period of time. The small-molecular methane is the first to reach the sensor and is displayed. Ethane then follows after a certain interval, if it is natural gas. This technology has already been on the market for years. However, the operation was rather complicated and only very experienced personnel could make clear statements.

Technical data
Display LCD graphic display 128 x 64 pixels, illuminable
Power supply Lead accumulator, integrated load system with 12V input
Reaction time 0.1 seconds
Operating time Depending on outside temperature, over 50 analyses
Analysis range Depending on the ethane concentration in natural gas from approx. 1,000 ppm to 100 vol.-% natural gas
Operating temperature – 10℃ to + 45℃
Documentation built-in thermo printer and memory
Dimensions Width 35cm, Depth 30cm, Height 15cm
Weight 5,600 g approx