Bluetooth Module

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Bluetooth Module
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Bluetooth Module

Directly from the construction site to the office

  • Remote transmission of measurement data via Bluetooth connection of an Android-enabled end device
  • Transfer of the latest measurement data from the construction site directly to the office for evaluation and acceptance by the customer
  • Quicker invoicing for construction sites
  • Increased safety through constant data back-up
  • Simple and problem-free handling through one button operation and Android App
  • Operating time of over one month (during frequent use) without charging
  • Robust design in ergonomic aluminum housing
  • Can be used with any number of Android end devices
  • Can be used with any number of Esders devices
  • Wide range of uses as almost all Esders measurement devices are supported

Logging and evaluating measurement data is essential for the acceptance of installations and pipes by the client. But we are faced with the problem of making the measurement data available in the office for processing. Until now, the devices themselves or storage media had to be physically transported for this. Esders GmbH has therefore developed the “Esders Bluetooth Module” to read out this data via the device interface following the measurement process and to forward the data to a recipient for further processing via an Android App.

Technical data Bluetooth Module
Power supply 2100 mA NiMH battery pack
Operating time over one month during frequent use
Operating temperature – 10°C to + 50°C
Dimensions 86.4 x 58 x 34 mm
Weight 175 g
Interfaces Bluetooth class 4; Infra-red
Charge with Esders 230 Volt power supply (item no. 202002) or vehicle charging cable 12 Volt (item no. 202003)
App Bluetooth-enabled end device with Android from software version 4.0