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Pi Note
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Pi Note

Easy and low-cost documentation of work

  • Saving the route and gas readings
  • Recording points of interest (defects, faults and damage)
  • Photos of POIs
  • Classification of defects and damage
  • Can be used with ELLI, HUNTER and GOLIATH

The software enables easy and low-cost documentation of work when carrying out inspections on gas pipelines. In contrast to GIS solutions, which require a high-quality PC and involve the time-consuming import of pipeline data, Pi Note is a GPS datalogger for Android terminal devices, that enables easy logging of damage, defects and photos. Continuous recording of gas concentrations is possible via a Bluetooth data connection to the measurement devices ELLI, GOLIATH and HUNTER. Positions where a specified alarm threshold was exceeded are recorded and registered separately. The route and the positions of data recordings and alarm thresholds being exceeded are marked in a map.

General defect G 465* G 614*
Plan fault AI Leakage class
Overbuilding AII L1
Overgrowth B L2
Fitting fault C L3
Signposting fault Defects class
Ground subsidence K1
Corrosion K2
Pipe fixing K3

* according to guidelines of the German technical and scientific association for gas and water