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Extremely rugged – Systematic evaluation

  • Extremely rugged gas measurement device in ergonomic aluminum housing
  • Internal pump and filter technology
  • High contrast LCD graphic display with backlight for optimal display of all measured values
  • Automatic start in last used operating mode
  • Display of useful extra information, peak value and leak rate
  • Simple replacement of primary and secondary cells through innovative battery management
  • Systematic evaluation of the measured data using Esders PC-1 Software
  • Simple and easy operation with intuitive menu navigation
  • Practical accessories for all applications

The SIGI EX is a multi range measurement device for flammable gases with an internal pump. Like many other Esders instruments the well known operating concept with a menu technology driven by two function keys is also used for the SIGI EX. Furthermore it is possible to make pressure measurements (optional) and leak detection together with the SIGI EX P. One problem on an installation is a low gas pressure or a failure of the gas regulator. That is why the SIGI EX is together with the functions of monitoring the explosion limits and leak detection a powerful testing device for pressure tests of in-house gas installations.

Technical data
Display illuminated LCD Graphics display with 128 x 64 Pixel + special sign
Power supply rechargeable EX NiMH-battery 4.8 Volt
Operating time workplace monitoring > 10 hours (without illumination)
Measurement range 0-10,000 ppm methane, resolution 1, 10, 50, 100 ppm / 0 to 50 % LEL methane, resolution 0.5% LEL / 0 to 100 Vol.% methane, resolution 0.1 Vol.% / optional: Pressure 0 to 200 hPa, resolution 0.1 mbar / optional: Propane calibration
Alarm acoustic and optical alarm signal
Operating temperature –20°C to +50°C
Dimensions 190 x 58 x 34 mm
Weight approx. 475 g battery included
Protection BVS 05 ATEX E 010 X Ex ib d IIB T3 Gb